The EPR Arms Articles (First published in the British Journal of Healthcare Computing)

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March 2001: Information for Health Targets
Dave Trust Chief Exec
April 2001: Investing in IT
May 2001: Targets :Targets: Targets !
June 2001 : Learning from Failure
July 2001 : Medical Records
September 2001: Hand-held devices
October 2001: Telemedicine
The Christmas Party
November 2001: Patient Confidentiality
December 2001: The Christmas Party
Theresa ICP Co-ordinator
February 2002: Frank Burns (CBE) visits
March 2002: Integrated Care Pathways
April 2002 : It's not just the record
June 2002: Corporate Memory
July 2002: On-line Bookings
Sept 2002: Management Consultancy
John Computer Supplier
Oct 2002 : A suppliers life is not a happy one......
Nov 2002: PACS and the Radiologists
Dec 2002 : Christmas Quiz at the EPR Arms