EPR Arms? Whats that all about?

This website has a strange name eh?

What's EPR? And what has 'Down at the EPR Arms' got to do with the price of fish?


I was working in the NHSon electronic patient records (aka EPR) for about twenty years!

Today you would call it a Blog but then I just called it 'my page in a monthly (paper) journal' and during that time I had a monthly 'page' in a Health Informatics journal (The British Journal of Healthcare Computing )'In my monthly 'Blog' or page, I used to have an imaginary pub in Yorkshire opposite a busy hospital, where I used to talk to some (imaginary) mates about all things to do with the NHS and computers and life and stuff. I called that pub The EPR Arms and my Blog was called 'Down at the EPR Arms'. Click on EPR Arms to see ALL the published blogs describing NHS Health Informatics in my imaginery pub.

NHS Computers, Songwriting & Music, Theatres

What more do you want eh?

"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." - Confucius, The Book of Rites

Theatre Stuff? What's that all about then?

So when I wasn't working 'In the Lab' I was doing Am Dram. Pantomime to be more specific. 

Started off by being a disruptive element in the Chorus,progessing to a main part including Dame and finally as scriptwriter and performer. See Theatre Stuff page for more details


Harry & Sean Brennan are brothers. They've been brothers for - well - erhm- all of their lives. They lived in Bolton for several decades and then Sean made the jump for promotion to a hospita NOT IN BOLTON. It was actually in Huddersfield so not even in the same county. It was at exaclty tjis time that these two brothers who lived a stones throw from each other, decided to form a band. That band was Intaglio and they recorded several long playing casettes (remember those?) of their own music. Click on the Intaglio Tab to experience that unforgetable Intaglio  sound. (Simon & Garfunkel meets the Beatles and Moody Blues with an Eagles fly past)